Webinar: Taking it to the Streets: NJDOT’s Urban SRTS Demonstration Program

Webinar – October 21, 2008 2pm (ET)

Elise Bremer-Nei, AICP/PP, New Jersey DOT
Tiffany Robinson, The RBA Group

One of the objectives of the federal-aid Safe Routes to School grant program is to make the program accessible to diverse participants, especially schools and communities with few local resources and limited ability to afford new initiatives. This is particularly important, as schools in low income areas often have higher than average child pedestrian crash rates and a great need for a SRTS program, yet may not be able to successfully access these funds.

This presentation will provide an overview of the SRTS Urban Demonstration Program begun by the NJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs in 2007. The goals of the program are to:

provide the NJ Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator with technical assistance related to SRTS in urban/disadvantaged areas,

assist two or three urban areas that have shown interest in SRTS program but may not have the resources to succeed on their own, and

develop a model for use in urban areas across the state.

The program focused on schools in Camden, Trenton and Newark. It was modeled after an earlier NJ SRTS demonstration program completed in 2006, through which one-day workshops were held in three communities across the state. These resulted in SRTS action plans and applications to the federal grant program.

Presentation Outline

1. NJ SRTS Background

2. Urban Demonstration Program Background

3. Selecting Locations/Key Issues

4. Gaining Local Cooperation

5. Working with Students

6. Lessons learned/Positive outcomes

7. Next Steps