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For 70 years, walking has been marginalized to the point that many communities require the use of a motor vehicle for every trip.  Communities that were once walkable are crisscrossed with widened, high-speed thoroughfares which effectively cut off entire neighborhoods to walkers.  Anyone who can’t drive – around 1/3 of the population – is simply out of luck.  The consequences for our health, climate, environment, energy security, health, and economy (see Resources) have now made it imperative that we restore the simple act of walking to meet daily needs.

An April 2010 poll shows that four out of five Americans believe the best way to solve our traffic problems is to make it easier to walk, bicycle, and use public transit, rather than continuing to build and widen roads.  In March 2010, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently issued a new federal policy encouraging local agencies to consider “walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes”.  He was immediately criticized by conservative Congressmen declaiming that motor vehicles should receive all available transportation funding.  One said he was “on drugs.”

If we don’t advocate at the local and national level for better walking conditions, the current federal support for smarter transportation will evaporate.  This is more than a simple case of “benign neglect” – we must let our government officials know that we demand safe walking conditions for our children, seniors, people with disabilities, people without a car, and ourselves – or we’ll continue to be trapped in our cars!

By signing on as a free Supporter, you help build visible support for walkable communities.  We pedestrians have been quiet too long, and frankly, we’re tired of having our needs ignored!  Once we’ve reached critical mass, we’ll display the number of supporters state by state. It’s part of our Get In Step Campaign, to show the overwhelming support for walkable streets, neighborhoods, downtowns and rural areas.  Encourage your colleagues and friends to sign up too!

America Walks supports the International Charter for Walking.

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