Kaiser Announces Every Body Walk! Project

February 4, 2011

Our health partners are rapidly promoting public awareness of the benefits of walking.  Read this special message from Kaiser Permanente and find out more about Every Body Walk!, the campaign to get America walking.

A Special Message from Kaiser Permanente, January 26, 2011

Join the Every Body Walk! Movement

Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week is the first step toward better health. This simple, take-charge message comes from health advocate Kaiser Permanente who today announced Every Body Walk!, a public awareness project aimed at starting a national conversation about the health benefits of walking.

Presently, more than 70 percent of all adult Americans lead sedentary lifestyles. This is significantly impacting the overall health of our country, which spends more then $2.5 trillion annually on medical care. An estimated 80 percent of that figure is spent on treating chronic conditions that can be prevented or treated by regular walking.

“The aim of the Every Body Walk! campaign is to inform Americans about the tremendous health benefits of walking,” said Bob Sallis, MD, family physician at Kaiser Permanente’s, Southern California Permanente Medical Group. “Walking is an excellent form of exercise for everyone and for those with conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and depression, a regular walking regimen has the added benefit of helping to manage these diseases. I’m a strong believer in the power of walking and that’s why I literally prescribe it to my patients as front line medicine – often in place of medications.”

Every Body Walk! is an online educational campaign aimed at getting Americans up and moving. A walking hub,, contains news and resources on walking, health information, walking maps, how to find walking groups, a personal pledge form to start walking as well as a place to share stories about individual experiences with walking.

The centerpiece of the website is a series of short video vignettes featuring average Americans sharing motivational stories about how walking has changed their lives and lifestyles. The videos on are intended to be shared with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and anybody else interested in improving their health and feeling better. New videos will be added to the site each week and the project will culminate with a 30-minute documentary on the health benefits of walking, which will also be accessible online.

“The Every Body Walk! project is relevant to every American, every business, every city, every state and every elected official. Kaiser Permanente is making the project tools available to get anyone who wants to adopt a walking program and spread the word about potentially remarkable resulting health benefits,” said George Halvorson, chairman and CEO, Kaiser Permanente.

The Every Body Walk! campaign is powered by Kaiser Permanente. Campaign partners include the American College of Sports Medicine and their Exercise Is Medicine® global initiative.