Missed the Summit? Find Out What Happened!

October 7, 2010

America Walks’ “Equal Footing” summit in Chattanooga, Tennessee on September 16th was a powerful event that will help shape the future of walking in America. Approximately 100 people and organizations attended.    
At the opening of the Summit, all participants pledged their support for the Vision Statement for a Walkable America.  Our goal is have 10,000 individuals and 500 organizations and businesses sign onto the Vision by March 15, 2011. We will use these endorsements, coupled with individual supporters, to project a strong voice for walking and walkability in America.
For the remainder of the Summit, Advisory Board member Mark Fenton and 20 topic-area facilitators led influential group of participants through a process of deliberating the merits of ten concepts that could advance walking in America. A voting process narrowed the field and five were more fully explored in a second breakout.

Summit participants reached a clear consensus that we need a national voice for walkability and walking. America Walks will fill this void and we will count on your help. The other key Summit outcomes will shape the Strategic Plan. These include:

  • Connect people to key destinations and links, especially to transit;
  • Create comfortable and safe conditions for people of all ages, abilities and incomes;
  • Improve policy and behavior to ensure walking is safe, with a focus on street safety and automobile speeds.

The America Walks Board of Directors will launch a strategic plan by year’s end that will reflect the work conducted over the past nine months through the Equal Footing Campaign. Thank you, participants! 

Email Scott Bricker at sbricker(at) for more information or to get involved.

 Sign on to the Vision Statement for a Walkable America now!

Are you ready for a walkable America? Then take this simple action! America Walks, a national non-profit organization, is working for safe and attractive streets, neighborhoods and public places that encourage walking. We have just released the Vision Statement for a Walkable America. In order to expand the network of people and groups that support a more walkable, active and healthy America, we encourage you to sign on too.

Vision Statement for a Walkable America

By 2020, walking in everyday life is embraced across America. Streets and neighborhoods are safe and attractive public places that encourage people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and incomes to walk for exercise, recreation, and transportation. Walkable community policies promote public health, economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and social equity.

By signing onto the Vision, you be an early adopter to a rapidly growing group of people and organizations the support improvements for walking nationwide and locally. From time to time America Walks will contact you to voice your support for walking.

Please read and sign on to the vision here.

Organizations – Please Help Distribute the Vision

America Walks will reach out to partner organizations and request support in distributing the Vision for a Walkable America. But you can get the process started first.

Organizational endorsement of the Vision will aid us all to advance walking and walkability nationally. Individual signatories in your community can be powerful advocates to influence key decisions at the federal level, decisions that will impact us all.

As a partner, your organization will directly benefit. America Walks will work with partner organizations to distribute key local alerts in your area.

Get started on becoming a partner organization on growing the Vision:

  1. Organizational Adoption – having your organization consider and adopt the Vision is the first step to growing our collective power.
  2. Communication and Distribution – work with America Walks to custom distribute the vision to your constituency, both organizations and individuals.
  3. Advocacy – partner with America Walks to activate the endorsers in your community to become vocal on walking in America.

For more information, please contact Scott Bricker at sbricker(at)