Take a Joyride This Fall!

October 9, 2010

Joyride: Pedaling Toward A Healthier Plant is an exuberant and high spirited book about the battles and collaborations that made Portland, Oregon, bike friendly. Why should a pedestrian advocate read this? For inspiration! 

It is easy to think that cyclists ‘had it easy’ getting accepted and consulted. But their battles with bureaucracies and public opinion parallel those pedestrian advocates face today and we have much to learn from the very successful Mia Birk. 

Mia recounts hostile public meetings, potholes fixed for BMWs but not for cyclists, a transit system that said “no” to cyclists without thinking. How did she prevail? You will have fun reading her accounts (yes, she names names!) of silly arguments, wacky publicity events, excursions in the cab with street cleaning crews and working the myriad angles required to put cyclists firmly on the roadway as part of Portland’s transportation system. Mia is now President of Alta Planning + Design which works for walkable, bikable communities and is a proud sponsor of America Walks.

Mia is taking orders at Joyride proceeds support America Walks and other groups working to further the mission of a more livable, sustainable world. When you order the book, write “AW-Joyride” in the comments field at checkout. America Walks will receive $2 for each book with the AW code.