The Big Walk is Back!

September 10, 2010

America Walks proudly invites its supporters to join group member NJ2NY50 and project leader Paul Kiczek on October 11, 2010 (Columbus Day) for the LENAPE34 – The Origins Walk, to experience the next adventure in walking. 

As many of you know, last May 23rd, Paul  led a group of 70+ walkers along an unlikely trail of parks, rivers, neighborhoods, industrial sites and city buildings from Metropark in Iselin to Penn Station in New York called “The Big Walk – NJ2NY50″. The event was a 50-mile hike along the East Coast Greenway. It benefited the ECG and helped create a group of pro-pedestrian adventurers together called the FreeWalkers – dedicated to new personal walking challenges.

Recently, Paul has been trying to promote another unique trail across New Jersey called the Liberty Water Gap Trail. One older, major segment of that trail called the Lenape Trail leads through many Essex County towns and parks showing the beauty and diversity that makes up that area. This 30-year old trail runs for 34-miles and through three reservations with spectacular views, old exclusive neighborhoods and through the city of Newark.

The Lenape Trail has been recognized as a valuable recreational resource and is going through a revitalization phase. Part of the value of this hike will be to explore and help the public become more aware of its benefits. We can do that by simply walking together as a group and by helping the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference which supports and maintains this and thousands of miles of trails in two states.

As in the previous walk, the vision is for some to walk the distance of 34 miles but many more to walk shorter distances and join the group along the way. The pace will be moderate, walkers are asked to make their own distance goals, and this is not a race. By walking as a group, Paul hopes to elevate the awareness of creating communities that plan and support pro-pedestrian activities for both the benefit of our health and the strengthening of our communities. Columbus Day is also a day when we can commemorate the discovery of our land as well as pay respect to Native Americans who inhabited and nurtured it for centuries before.

The event, “The Origins Walk – LENAPE34 ” is free and open to the public. All it requires is the will to get out and walk with us on Monday October 11, 2010. I hope you and your friends will come and join us. Visit for details.