Free Webinar on pedestrian safety education

March 6, 2010

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) announces the next free Webinar in its Livable Communities Webinar Series: Community Approaches to Pedestrian Safety Education on Thursday, March 18, 2010 from 2:00pm-3:30pm E.T.

Presented by Dr. Gillian Hotz, Associate Research Professor, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and Director of WalkSafe™ & BikeSafe™ Programs; Christine Stinson, WalkSafe™ Project Coordinator; Linda Crabill Byrne, San Jose, CA, Traffic Safety Education Manager; and David Parisi, PE, TE, Parisi Associates Transportation Consulting.

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Education is an important component of a comprehensive pedestrian program. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike can benefit from educational tools and messages that teach them the rules, rights and responsibilities of various modes of travel. This Webinar will highlight two successful pedestrian safety education programs and the lessons practitioners can take from them.

Dr. Gillian Hotz will be joined by Christine Stinson to provide an overview of the implementation of the WalkSafe™ program in Miami-Dade County, a high-risk urban center with a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse population. The presentation will highlight unique strategies for maximizing the reach of the program’s educational component, coupling pedestrian safety and physical activity efforts, and overcoming barriers in such an environment.

David Parisi and Linda Crabill Byrne will then discuss Street Smarts, a nationally-recognized program that combines social marketing and a media campaign to teach basic traffic safety focused, among other things, on pedestrian behavior and safety.  Ms. Byrne will cover the evolution of the program. Mr. Parisi will discuss how the program is being used in Marin County, CA, to target behaviors, deliver key messages, and evaluate results.

PBIC offers these free, public Webinars every other month. To register for upcoming Webinars and to access archived presentations, please visit

Content from the PBIC Livable Communities Webinar series is drawn from the PBIC’s in-person trainings focused on pedestrian safety and creating livable communities. The trainings provide in-depth technical assistance, allow hands-on work with the experts, and generate detailed action plans. Complete information on these trainings can be found on the PBIC training Web site at